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I kid you not. Yet, she deliberately flirted with him, met him for coffees and lunches, and then conducted a multi-month affair with him, eventually demanding he leave me and his two children 5 and 10 at the time for her.

She has all kinds of professional connections to the project for the New American Century crowd and finally we learned today that the unknown whistleblower, who serviced whole process of revelation of this Petraeus matter, did so through representative Eric candor of Virginia, who is clearly an Israeli asset on the House of Representatives.

Selecting a term Start searching tweets, articles from media outlets, articles mentioned in tweets, journalists' names, titles and bios with some suggested searches: It was the one they had fooled around with. Naked nude indian girls. You said much more eloquently what I tried to say above. Paula broadwell naked. Near A near operator is an AND operator where you can control the distance between the words. Jun 27, Who shared? Yes, CL, the chump got played. And there is not a peep about phone call traffic yet. Kelley and her husband, a doctor, apparently bankrupted their cancer charity after less than a year.

March 8, at 7: I know she has an entry level, low pay job and obviously needed someone to give her money. I agree with you on a number of points particularly the statement about her being able to operate so freely within the CIA milieu and what that says about the CIA. What would hold the FBI into a case like this is concern that one of the parties was linked to a foreign intelligence operation.

The hotness of the Chump relative to the AP is not the issue. Free hot lesbian milf porn. Well, you did something bad. Triggered all of my abandonment issues. And do not make me check back on you. Congressman David Reichert R- Wash. Agree CL and Martha- poor little cheater pants Has a boo boo. She will be called mrs whore juice who sleeps with married men to her face! March 8, at 8: And that is usually easy to ascertain. Yeah, we pay people to spy on us for us huge secret ……Go figure, we pay people to run a ponzi scheme in our country so certain people can make immense amounts of money and seem immune from being called traitors.

The track record there of obstruction of justice, the political version, is a national disgrace. They are the ones I want to hear from about the fall-out of this affair.

Wow, the wiki article, though.

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Holly Patraeus married young, long before her husband was a general.

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Except if she fucks up my alimony payment some month. I read where the shirtless FBI agent shot and killed a soldier while off duty at MacDill back in …Soldier was said to have been fleeing the base after an altercation with security officials, came at Agent Humphries with a knife…. Lfl wardrobe malfunction nude. As for not being a True Chump, it depends on your definition. The one photo of them ofwhere they were just married, Holly looks pretty sweet to me. There is enough damage done to him as it is, and more will surface.

I am a male chump raised and educated by feminists. I think Broadwell is more than appropriate. Paula broadwell naked. Sorry that Match Girl is making your divorce so difficult. I looked everywhere for you. Sexy hot nude porn videos. As a former military member, I agree. Email is a highly effective technology of self -deception as well. Drill Instructors not so mean. Trump talks climate change with Leo DiCaprio. Feel free to use these new, judgement-free terms in sentences of your choosing!

I had to wash my eyes out with soap. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Dunford's hearing is also scheduled for Thursday. I will not do it again. Michelle conners milf. The appearance thing is a red herring. Veterans Charities employ controversial telemarketers to tug on heartstrings and loosen purse strings.

I know in academia, where this kind of bullshit is pretty common, as many threads here have discussed, it can be career death to have had the misfortune of working closely with an advisor or department chair whose affair with another student or junior colleague is exposed. And if you could just shoot me instead of insulting, I would appreciate it. No, they will just say something generic like- hiring you would be bad for our public relations. Looking back, I think he stayed faithful during his first deployment, but the second and the third were likely fuckfests.

We need each other and others need us! I read several days ago where Petraeus made the statement that he was either running for or would be president.

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