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See the shape and how its up like that? May 18, at November 19, at Her top and bust are higher up in the 1st pic. Sexy nude girls hd videos. At first, I thought it was a nipple. If it really is hair shadow, how does an extremely thin section of hair create a thick shadow, which is far darker and more noticeable than the longer, thicker lock of hair directly above it?

March 2, at I was unfortunately disappointed. July 10, at That makes no sense to me at all…. Sugihara anri nude. June 9, at Second, 2 beads and hair shadow makes nipple illusion? But if she has small breasts and is wearing a padded bra often called a maximizer then the buldge is padding and the nipple is where it should be.

I think its easier to see its hair if you look at where the hair overlaps her cloths. Who the fuck thinks that is a nipple? Her hair swirls at the tip, goes over her skin. August 29, at I think it actually is a nipple, just not HER nipple. You male Otakus should date more. Sexy milf arab. It is clearly a nipple. It is most likely a publicity stunt by her managers, photoshopping a random nipple onto a part of her breast that would look unnatural in its placement so that later they can say its a trick of light and shadow.

May 4, at It really makes me smile seeing morons pretend to be wise. And besides, who am I to take that away from you? June 3, at February 1, at Of course, 2ch and her fans moved faster, and soon the image was posted far and wide….

June 21, at Possibly a problem with the [presumably digital] camera which took the picture. Bizarre how much it looks like a nipple, though.

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Notice the position of her torso in pic 1 and pic 2. Taylor swift completely nude. Zoom in the pic at max and yes all it is is just lighting and shadow to create the outline of a nipple.

She looks a lot like Anna Ohura. Paintings of Anri here: So it could be a nipple, just that her breast is pushed into a funny position. Plus, a nipple at that height? First of, you said the 1st pic had 7 beads while the other got 9. Maybe Minorin or Gotouza-sama would be up to the task, though.

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You can see the beads on the left hand side all under the pillow silver ends on them. Have you considered the possibility that the missing 2 beads were covered by the pillow and her hair? May 28, at Those shadows just happen to make the wrong shape. March 9, at Where are the titties!?!?!?!?!? What you need is to go back studying your lessons. February 20, at Look at the full sized pic for a few minutes and you will realize it is just a shadow.

I enlarged image then zoomed out to the max and all i saw was hair and its shadow, no traces of nipple…. Sugihara anri nude. June 22, at June 9, at June 21, at January 24, at July 10, at By the way, what is the point of enlarging way beyond? We need a poll, Artefact. Rosie huntington whiteley nude porn. It is much to high, you can see that the breast is so stretched down by gravity, even if the nipple might move up that high if she was upside down. Yes, it seems to be too high on the breast.

January 20, at The hair makes the basic outline of the nipple, the shadow of the swirl of hair makes the colour change of the nipple.

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Leave a Comment X Comment. Seriously how can people think thats a nipple? You will only see blurriness which might lead to it looking like a shadow… Full is large enough as it is. We need a poll, Artefact. Cum over milf. Milf has sex with girl Also none of the hair is the right shape. March 11, at The hair created a oval like space for the skin to show through, and the contrast of the shadow and the lit up skin creates an odd 3d effect of it sticking out. Of course, 2ch and her fans moved faster, and soon the image was posted far and wide….

It seems that you lack experience with women. May 28, at Maybe Minorin or Gotouza-sama would be up to the task, though. Especially considering that the hair is divided into two distinct segments, which somehow shades an entire area? That makes no sense to me at all…. Sugihara anri nude. Good day, and enjoy your nipple.

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